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These pages are Pages of Paradigm.

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It is about “Being, Inspired.”

Redefining Work

rachel, in her natural habitatExploring the delicate process of developing a business and overcoming the tendency to value work just a little too much.

Recovering the Artist Within

DSCN8385Thoughts, reflections, and experiences of trying to find, honor, and appreciate the artist within.

Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Grief

 winter woodsGrowing and learning from our past gives us the resilience and power to live each day we are given.

Nurturing Nature

Dogwood BlossomsNature is what nurtures us when we need it most.

Appreciating the Moment

54_522556316167_4176_nSome moments are rich in both detail and delight.

Cultivating the Soul

Purple Pod Pole Beans Photo by Rachel Brazil

Because when we grow a garden, we have hope in the future.

Gaining a Sense of Belonging

DSCN7088Explorations of a sense of place, belonging, and community.

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