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Signs of Spring II

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Signs of Spring II

The signs of spring have been sparse here in North Dakota. It’s April. There is still snow on the ground. The daytime temperatures have just creeped above freezing, only to fall back below zero during the night. Each morning the walk to school is different with street glaciers changing their size and position and ice puddles glistening in the light, refusing to reveal their fragility by mere sight. But this morning was different. Not only has the crunch of the snow gotten louder, but the sound of the skies have changed– there are birds!
American robins are fluffed up big, but still present. DSCN9116Singing their delightful song that is easy to take for granted. They were moving slow through the trees, but nonetheless, they were here!


As were the Dark-Eyed Juncos- little grey birds with light bellies. Their little chipping call was a delight, sometimes interrupted by distant Canada Geese. The wind was cold without a doubt and the sun hid behind the clouds. But even now, as the temperatures warm and the sun shows its face, the bird songs continue to brighten my day and the day of others! My son is certainly enthused. He just took his toy truck outside, while chanting, “It’s Melting! It’s Melting!!”


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Rachel is an independent artist and writer who thrives on sharing her deep appreciation for the natural world. She has taught college courses in wildlife identification, ethnobotany, environmental science, natural resource management, and cultural studies. She lives in North Dakota with her two boys, husband, dog, and cats. She enjoys gardening, cooking, drawing, writing, hunting, hiking, and snowshoeing, but is usually too tired to do any of these, except for writing...

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