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this. is. why.

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Why? Its a silly question as much as it is a serious question. Why write? Why write a blog?

I haven’t posted in a week and it began to bother me. “I should write something.”  Uh… why?

I am beginning to embrace and practice to resist those “shoulds” that circle around in my consciousness.

I am beginning to believe that I shouldn’t have to do something unless I want to. And that I have the autonomy within myself to want whatever it is I want.

I write when I want to write. But why write? Because I have something to say.

But why write a blog? Because I have something to share. Sometimes I don’t have anything to share, yet. So I read, instead of write.

I read when I want to read. But why read? Because I have something to learn.

But why learn? Because it helps me know what it is I have to say.

But why? Because I am human. Because I am creative. Because I create.

If I was a cat, I wouldn’t wonder why. Cats have no need for existential thought, they know that they are the center of the universe.

Neko, my business associate.

Neko, my business associate.