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a walk in the rain

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Rain has continued for days off and on,

I cannot help but feel like my mind is flooded.

The intensity of spring cannot be described.

I cannot come up with enough words to describe even a short walk.

But there are photos.

These photos I share with you now.

Feel free to leave your own words.

Your interpretations and perspective would be valued.


Tiny budding leaves

DSCN0273 - Version 2

young elm seeds


young leaves of a box elder in a puddle


needles settled after a wash


nature’s debris


fallen blossoms of the box elder tree

bursting buds and emerging foliage

bursting buds and emerging foliage

bursting buds and emerging foliage

bursting buds and emerging foliage

dead and down wood, with lichens

dead and down wood, with lichens


the diversity is stunning


this is the world we live in

My Politics of Peace

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My Politics of Peace


They are where my power resides.

They give a voice to my consciousness.

They are what I share with the world.

They are my weapon of choice,

My mode of resistance.

With words, I share the truths of my own.

As I write, my mind and heart unite

And they know my cause.

As many lose faith in the system of our country, 

I lost that faith long ago.

My choice is to not engage

Not to mobilize against the state.

Not to persuade the courts.

My heart is heavy with the thought

That I have privileges that others do not.

But do not think me apathetic.

Do not think I do not care.

For my choice to not align,

Is in itself a political move.

I continue on, to share my stories, my struggles, my triumphs.

I continue on, to embrace the world I love.

I continue on, engaged in art, in nature, in words.

My fight is here,


To find peace.

To embrace joy.

To engage love.

To heal my soul.

To take steps everyday

To create

A change 

In my world.