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a walk in the rain

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Rain has continued for days off and on,

I cannot help but feel like my mind is flooded.

The intensity of spring cannot be described.

I cannot come up with enough words to describe even a short walk.

But there are photos.

These photos I share with you now.

Feel free to leave your own words.

Your interpretations and perspective would be valued.


Tiny budding leaves

DSCN0273 - Version 2

young elm seeds


young leaves of a box elder in a puddle


needles settled after a wash


nature’s debris


fallen blossoms of the box elder tree

bursting buds and emerging foliage

bursting buds and emerging foliage

bursting buds and emerging foliage

bursting buds and emerging foliage

dead and down wood, with lichens

dead and down wood, with lichens


the diversity is stunning


this is the world we live in

Taking Flight

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Taking Flight

I’ve been kinda stuck at this in-between-stage of creativity.

I know now that it is possible for me to be creative.

Photo on 2-23-13 at 10.51 PM

I have a space dedicated to my work and I have a bit of an open schedule this week.

Neko, my business associate. working in the office.

Neko, my business associate. working in the office.

But I have this little problem. I try too hard. I try to do too much. I get disappointed easily.

I wanted to work with some feathers today. I love the beauty that resides in a paradox of simplicity and complexity that can be found in nature.

But, leave it to me to try to complicate things.

The pheasant feathers I sorted through today were fairly large. Many were too big for the jewelry that I’ve used feathers for in the past.


Plus, I wanted to try new things. I sought out exploration over method.

I tried using some spray adhesive to adhere feathers to paper. Yucky and smelly.

I tried some ModgePodge instead. It took away from the shape of the feathers, those natural curves.

I embraced those curves and even tried to ModgePodged some feathers on eggshells. It was interesting. But it just wasn’t what I was looking for…

I got myself completely frustrated. So much so that I was willing to walk away. I even thought about taking a nap.

Then, I just started tidying up my work space. I sat for a long time, looking at the feathers and admiring their beauty.

Then, it hit me. Why not take photographs?

I gave myself a load of ridiculous excuses.

My inner critic is even still at work right now, “What’s so great about a photo of a feather?”

Well, my inner critic, let me tell you.

It’s about embracing simplicity. Recognizing the unique in the familiar.


Highlighting beauty. Slowing down to see things that might be mundane.


Revealing the beauty that is, in what it is.


Remembering that art is not about what I think others might think. DSCN8487

It’s my art and it’s about how I feel. It’s about who I am.

listening to the trees, in late winter

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The air this morning was crisp and cold. The thermometer read -2 when we left to take my son to school. He says to me, “It looks like a lamb outside, a cold lamb.”

Given it is the first of March, this would suggest we will see this month in like a lamb, out like a lion.

The drop in temperature left a dusting of fluffy frost collected on the trees.

Sunrise over the First Lutheran Church of New Rockford

Sunrise over the First Lutheran Church of New Rockford

In that a moment, as the sun captured the flecks of crystalized moisture, the trees spoke to me. Even though it was cold, I listened.


They said, “Go back home and get your camera. We are feeling photogenic today.”


“The sky is the most exquisite shade of blue. A deep contrast on the shades of white, grey, and brown shown on our limbs. The same way the snow on the mountains accentuates the shades of color in the sky. We know you miss the mountains, but we are glad you are here. We are glad to be here too.” 

DSCN8325“Mornings like this are exciting. We awake, dressed with an unsurpassed beauty. A beauty we only welcome in winter.”


When we are dressed with such beauty, its almost as if our blossoms have returned. As if our buds have burst. But we know this dress is only temporary. For it is not yet time to begin stirring for spring. The birds have not yet come, to eat our remaining fruit. Our sap has not yet started running, to nourish our green parts. The air is not yet warm enough, to comfort our new growth.”

DSCN8330“Nonetheless, we are grateful for the day. For the elegant frost. For the beautiful sky. For those who take the time to notice. If they don’t take the time to notice us now, while we are dressed up and pretty, we will not laugh. We will not be disappointed. Afterall, that is just what life does to people.”

DSCN8345“But we will snicker, even giggle, later in the day. People will notice when we begin to shed our decor. They’ll think its snowing! And then, they’ll see the blue sky and feel relief. ‘Its not snowing outside! Its sparkling!’ And those are the moments we hope to hear, hope to feel. To feel the moments in which people feel the beauty that is all around. The moments in which they feel the beauty from which we come.”